Off-Season Wheels and Deals Round Up


This feels like one of the most protracted silly seasons ever with rumours flying before the dust settled in Lenzerheide and still dragging on now into February. We've probably heard all the biggest news by now but there are still plenty of smaller tit-bits of information floating around the web. Here's a run down of some we've come across recently.
Luca Shaw picks up Monster sponsorshipLuca's Monster sponsorship means he's now one of five Monster riders in last year's men's top 10 overall, including the top three - Amaury Pierron, Danny Hart and Troy Brosnan. The highest ranked Red Bull rider in the men's competition was Brook MacDonald in sixth (with Bruni in seventh and Gee in ninth). It's a different story in the women's competition though, where three Red Bull athletes duked it out for three of the top four spots last year - Rachel, Tahnee and Myriam. Only Loris Vergier and Laurie Greenland now remain from last year's top 10 in the men's competition without an energy drink sponsor.

Dawid Godziek joins NS Bikes

NS Bikes now have both Godziek brothers on board for 2019. Dawid, the winner of last year X-Games in Sydney, will focus more on MTB in 2019, but will still compete in major BMX events. Szymon is currently injured but it hopefully won't be long before they're shredding together on NS.

Cedric Gracia leaves Santa Cruz, hints at entrepreneurial venture

After first working with the brand on the CG Racing Brigade back in 2010, Cedric Gracia has announced he will be parting ways with Santa Cruz. CG has raced both downhill and EWS for Roskopp's brand and now runs a vlog channel. There's no hints on where we can expect him to go next but there was an interesting line in his farewell post - "I’m an entrepreneur and so I have to fly again." Could we be looking at an Atherton style move from the World Party Champion?

Connor Fearon and Angel Suarez on 100% helmets

Martin Maes with Airflaps
Martin Maes will be running Airflaps this year. Airflaps fit on the side of your helmet and can be sprung forwards with one hand to push your goggle off your face and allow a bit of ventilation to prevent fogging. See how they work here.

Radon Factory Downhill Team Winds Up

First launched in 2015, it looks like Radon are going to be winding down their downhill team. The team picked up three podiums courtesy of Manon Carpenter and continued after her retirement with Johannes Fischbach and Faustin Figaret. The two riders are both hinting that new teams are on the way... maybe the team rumours circus tent hasn't packed away for this year just yet.

Phil Atwill back on Funn pedals

No official team news from Phil yet but at least we know what pedals he's going to be riding! After a year away from Funn on SixPack components he's now back with the Taiwanese brand.