MS-Mondraker Announce 2018 Riders


PRESS RELEASE: MS-MondrakerAt Mondraker we are pleased to finally announce the members of our 2018 MS-Mondraker Team. 2018 marks our 10th Anniversary as a leading brand in the World Cup Downhill scene and it will become our 7th season (since 2012) as the main-title sponsor for the MS-Mondraker Team, led by Markus Stoeckl and Lukas Haider. We cannot be any more excited for the new racing season to come!
Our rider line-up promise to deliver and the Summum Carbon Pro Team – “the most successful and winningest bike at the 2016 World Championships” – is ready to tackle and tame the roughest 2018 downhill courses along the way."At Mondraker we are fully committed to downhill racing since our very first year and MS-Mondraker Team is the best representative of our brand racing DNA," Mondraker’s CEO Miguel Pina said. "2018 is set to be an amazing season with a more experienced Laurie Greenland, Brook MacDonald 'coming home' and racing a Mondraker again, and Mike Jones who fits perfectly with our brand identity. And also the new 4 young rising stars who will also race our Summum Carbon and we are sure they will become downhill wonders and will offer big surprises for this new season. It’s going to be an awesome year. Bring on 2018!”

Laurie Greenland

Just 20 years old, Laurie Greenland is ready for his third season racing Mondraker Bikes. He really is in love with his Summum and after his 2nd position at the World Championships in 2016 and first World Cup podium in Lenzerheide 2017, Greenland is more focused for this new season than he’s ever been.
bigquotes During my decision progress MS Mondraker and myself were able to but a really nice package together. I can’t be happier with my decision to stay on this team- I always loved riding the Mondraker Summum and I can’t wait to hang out with my old teammate Brook, Mike and all the others… it’s going to be awesome! Bring on 2018!Laurie Greenland

Brook MacDonald

Brook MacDonald is one of the most popular racers of our decade and always a crowd favourite. His riding and powerful style return at his best for 2018 along with his beloved Summum, the same team and bike he achieved his greatest success to date, winning at Val d’Isere World Cup in France 2012.
bigquotes I am beyond stoked to be back joining MS Mondraker, a team where my career really kicked off. I’m excited to be going back to my old roots and I’m ready to create some new memories and some more podiums. Stoked to be back on a podium proven bike and back with my old teammate Laurie Greenland! I’m really excited for 2018 and beyond with MS and the crew!Brook MacDonald

Mike Jones

Mike Jones has signed with MS-Mondraker to prove why he is a podium contender at any race he enters. 5th place at Mont-Sainte-Anne 2017 World Cup, at 22 years of age he belongs to the new breed of UK super talented riders and fits perfectly on the 2018 MS-Mondraker Team.
bigquotes As the 2018 season fast approaches, I am stoked to be a part of the MS Mondraker team alongside a great group of riders, mechanics and support team. I have high hopes for the season ahead and the prospect of being onboard the race winning summon encourages me to further show my potential and gain the results I know I can achieve. I look forward to seeing what the season ahead will hold for both myself as an individual and the team as a whole, and can't wait for it to all get underway!Mike Jones

MS-Mondraker Development Program2018 will see the introduction of a younger team roster featuring the Norwegian, Brage Vestavik, the Australian junior rider, Patrik Butler, Italian, Johannes von Klebelsberg and the Austrian rider, Fabian Ulrich. All of them will also be racing our Summum Carbon Pro Team and promise to be writing some headlines during the downhill racing season of 2018.

"I’m really excited to be on the MS-Mondraker team. It’s a great gang of riders, some of them which I have shredded with in the past. Really looking forward to working closely with and learning from them. Most of all I'm stoked to shred the Summum. I think the bike will fit my style perfectly, and it’s built up with all the components I would choose for my dream build. Can’t wait to get started! Skrrrrt“ - Brage Vestavik

"I feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen for the Mondraker team and can’t wait to learn some tips and techniques from my awesome teammates. My goal for 2018 is to get at least one podium (or more), well maybe in the top 5 would be fantastic. I am looking forward to a great riding year with a world winning team." - Pat Butler

Left: Brage Vestavik. Right: Pat Butler.

"I’m super motivated to ride this season in a professional racing team! Being in the same WhatsApp group with such great names like Macdonald, Greenland, Jones is pretty cool! Riding the Mondraker Summum is great and it’s actually the first time that I will ride a carbon fibre downhill bike. I’m sure that this bike is fast and I hope I’ll be as well!“ - Johannes von Klebelsberg

"I was surprised when I heard about this team coming together. There are some big names in the lineup and I hope I can benefit from riding with my new teammates. It's such an honour for me to have the chance of being in the development program of the top level World Cup team such as MS Mondraker" - Fabian Ulrich

Left: Johannes von Klebelsberg. Right: Fabian Ulrich.
bigquotes Since Brook left the team after the 2012 season I always had the vision to get him back on our program. Now with Laurie, Brook and Mike as podium aspirants and our developmental program with Brage, Johannes, Pat and Fabian we have been able to form a really strong team.Markus Stoeckl, CEO of MS-Racing

MS-Mondraker Team 2018 sponsor list and race calendar will soon be published on the team website page www.ms-racing.at