Mountain Biker, 75, Continues Riding For 30 Minutes After Rattlesnake Bite


A mountain biker in Phoenix continued riding for 30 minutes after getting bitten by a rattlesnake, Fox 10 reports.Jim Watkins, 75, was riding in the mid-afternoon when he tried to unclip on an uphill section of the Apache Wash trail. He was unable to and fell directly in a rattlesnake's den. He said: "It felt like a bee sting. And then as I looked down, I could see the snake was recoiling back up, but still vibrating his rattles. And so I pulled away."

Watkins continued riding for 30 minutes before his left calf started to swell up and he was finally convinced to call for medical help. He told AZ Central, "Once I got in the truck, I got poison control on the speaker phone and started talking with them. And they said, 'This is serious, you need to go to an emergency room,'"

Watkins went to Banner University Medical Center and was assessed once he arrived. He received three treatments of anti-venom that counteracted the snake's venom and reduced the swelling. Untreated rattlesnake venom will cause breakdown of muscles and skin, as well as a lot of edema and swelling, in the worst case scenario, it will induce shock and coma.Watkins is expected to be OK but Daniel Brooks, medical director of Banner’s Poison and Drug Information Center, has advised that anyone bitten by a rattlesnake should seek anti-venom as soon as possible by calling the 24-hour Poison Control Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.