Matt Simmonds Teases New Cannondale Downhill Bike & More Social Media Spots


For those of you who thought team rumour season was over, think again. Matt Simmonds has boarded the tease train and is posting some very intriguing pictures on Instagram. Over the past few days, he has been in Lousa, a famous downhill winter testing ground and future World Cup venue, testing something that looks suspiciously like a new downhill bike. Pictures over the past month have shown a Saint brake and Schwalbe tyres and today we can see a Fox 40 hidden behind a Jekyll frame on the back of an uplift Jeep. Matt is keeping it coy with the caption for now though, simply saying "#CannondaleComeback". The only other photo on that caption is below:
Atherton Bikes moves on to Prototype 2We saw Gee testing the first prototype of the Atherton bike in Spain at the start of the week and in no time at all the team has moved on to Prototype 2. Here's Rach taking it toe-to-toe with some Welsh mud. Apparently, the next stage is on the way too.
MS Mondraker testing

The MS Mondraker team are out in New Zealand testing the new Michelin set ups. We've also seen the new Michelin tires at the Andes Pacifico earlier this week.

Cedric Gracia's new bike sponsorMarine Cabirou has done a pretty good sticker job on Cedric's new frame here, any guesses?
Marcelo Gutierrez's new lid(Translation: "It has been several years since I had dreamed of a chrome helmet until this year that dream came true.")

Phil Atwill testing his XXL Cube Two15

New bike day for Yoann BarelliBarelli isn't on the factory team this year but will still be riding for Commencal, we look forward to hearing what his plans will be aboard this beauty soon.