Line From Brett Rheeder's Beautiful Idiot Now Open at SilverStar Mountain, BC


The film has taken the mountain bike world with a twist and what a film it was! If you haven’t checked out the latest production, Beautiful Idiot, starring Brett Rheeder you need to do this now! Check it out
The first segment in this film was filmed at SilverStar Bike Park, and anyone who has been out to the park this year would have seen the jump line that was filmed. You may have also noticed trail crew has been working in there for the past couple weeks. You probably also asked the question, what are they doing? Are they going to open these? Well the answer to the later question is YES! The crew have been working hard to make some tweaks to this line to make it friendly to us bike park mortals, the gaps have been filled in and some minor adjustments to some of the lips and landings have been made.
Ben Byers and Jason Martin from trail crew along with SilverStar athlete Hayden Zablotny got in the air the other day testing these beauties out and haven’t stopped grinning since! Keep your eyes peeled as this line will be opening this weekend! The name of this area you ask? Well, we’re listening, what do you think it should be called? We’ve tossed a few ideas around but we are open to other ideas as well. Toss it out in the comments and we’ll announce in the coming weeks what the official name becomes.1st photo: Robb ThompsonAll others: JPics PhotographyMENTIONS: @SilverStarBikePark