Leatt's New DBX 3.0 Helmet is More Affordable & Full Featured


Leatt have integrated their 360-degree “Turbine” technology into the new DBX 3.0. The interior of the helmet is lined with discs that move 360-degrees and also absorb energy. Leatt claim that these little discs help with the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain in the event of an impact along with the absorption of energy on impact that can cause a concussion. Leatt say their testing shows a 30% reduction in concussion level head impact forces and a 40% reduction of rotational energy from the discs. For the new helmet, Leatt has also reduced the overall size and volume of the outer shell, citing that the smaller shell aids in decreasing rotational acceleration to the head and brain at the time of impact in a crash and thus, increasing safety.The helmet features a fiberglass ASTM DH certified shell, neck brace compatibility, and cheek pads that can be removed in the event of an emergency. The visor is also made to break off in the event of a crash to further reduce rotational forces on the head. The helmet is certified and tested to AS/NZS 2063:2008, ASTM F1952–10, EN1078, CPSC 1203 standards.The helmet weighs about 1160 grams (2.5lbs). That's not the lightest out there but it's certainly not the heaviest- for comparison, Bluegrass' Legit helmet weighs 1100 grams and costs $250. Bell's Super DH weighs in under 900 grams but, it's also a hundred dollars more expensive at $300 so for the price, it's certainly competitive. The DBX 3.0 is available in four colors; Black, Stadium Ink, Stadium Ruby, and Steel. It comes in four sizes with two different shell sizes. The helmet has a Dri-Lex liner which is removable and washable. For closure, the helmet uses the Fidlock magnetic closure system.We've seen several new full face helmets lately, all with each of their own technologies to help mitigate traumatic brain injuries. Again, it's good to see yet another helmet companies pushing their technology as much as possible and using current research and data to make riding safer for everyone. In the case of the DBX 3.0, it's exciting to see the technologies from a higher end helmet offered in a more affordable package.

For more info, visit Leatt.