Kovarik Racing Expands Development Program to Australia


PRESS RELEASE: Kovarik Racing

Our Kovarik Racing development team programs have grown over the last three years in Canada. Seeing all the potential talent back home in Australia, I wanted to extend the support and opportunity to a couple of standout riders in my hometown area. So when I was back home for summer, I picked up 16-year-old Zane Stratton and 21-year-old Akira Yamada, both very talented riders that I can see have something very unique to bring to the table.
My role of head coach and team leader is not only to ride and practice with these young riders, but to mentor, shape and mold them and help them to reach their goals a bit quicker. We support them with guidance on nutrition, training, bike set up, racing and also teach them to manage themselves more professionally. It's a complete package to shaping a rider that wants to make it to the top in this sport. A lot of this stuff you learn from sport transfers over to general life so it is rewarding to know you are making a positive impact.Zane is 16 and still at school but is constantly on his bike when he’s not in class. Whether it’s DH, dirt jumps, BMX starts or manuals on the street, he is definitely putting the time in on his bike whenever he gets the chance. Although Zane is a super talented and motivated rider he is still relatively new to racing so I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses in the SEQ(South East Queensland) Winter DH Series which runs April through September.Akira is a university student and is in his 4th year studying industrial design. He also has a minor in marketing and graphic design. In between that he also busts his butt working at his local bike shop a few days a week wrenching to help fund his biking. He has a strong work ethic and desire to achieve and this is something I really respect in a rider. Akira seems to have that natural talent and skill wether he’s riding his moto or sending it on his DH bike. He’s made a few trips to NZ and he also ticked Whistler off the list a couple years ago. Akira will also be racing the SEQ Winter DH Series looking to grow and progress.Both Zane and Akira have their flights booked for a short stay in Whistler this summer where they will join Claire and I alongside our KR Magura Rider Development Team. We will be hitting up a few key races here in Canada which will help to grow their racing experience.