Kavenz's High-Pivot Enduro Prototype - Sea Otter 2019 - Pinkbike


The VHP (short for virtual high pivot) suspension delivers 160mm of travel.
The 160mm-travel rear-end is a Horst Link system with an eye towards keeping things as active as possible, and the idler looks after forces from the drivetrain. Also, check out that shock! It's an air-sprung prototype from Intend, a German suspension brand doing all sorts of different things. It also looks a lot like a coil shock without the coil, but it is air sprung. Word is that it features an adjustable negative spring system via that small dial by the air valve, with the idea being that you can pull the shock down into its stroke slightly and create a coil-like feel.
Also from Germany, the Intend shock looks nothing like most air-sprung units.
Kavenz is sticking to aluminum for the new bike, and that's going to let them offer custom geometry so you can get the angles and reach numbers that you want. The prototype shown here is running a 64-degree head angle, but you'll be able to tinker with that and the seat tube length as well. Want something super long and super low? They'll do anywhere in between 460mm and 540mm, and they'll build you a bike with a super short seat tube, too. If you want one, you'll be paying €2,500 for the frame and waiting until early 2020 to get your hands on it.