Is This Cannondale's New DH Bike? - Pinkbike


Team rumor season may be over, but there's plenty of whispering and speculation going on about what bikes we'll see in the start gate at the first World Cup DH race of the season. Mismatched wheels, completely new frame designs... there's a boatload of new tech on the way. It also looks like we're going to see Cannondale's return to the DH world, if the social media teasing by Matt Simmonds and Max Nerurkar is any indication. The photos below are the closest looks we've been able to get so far, which makes the final design about as clear as mud. Still, it's fun to crank up the 'enhance' sliders and see what appears.
This bike was lurking in the background of Max Nerurkar's Instagram story, with a headtube shape that's very Habit-esque. Oddly enough, it looks like there's an empty shock mount on the underside of the toptube, despite the fact that it appears that the shock sits much lower down in the frame. There's not much else that can be gleaned from the potato-quality photo, although I'd be willing to bet that at least one version of the new bike will have 29" wheels. As round one in Maribor approaches I'm sure more details will emerge, but in the meantime, guess away as to what the bike will look like.