Hutchinson Tires Signs Carson Storch, Reed Boggs, & Adolf Silva


PRESS RELEASE: Hutchinson TiresProfessional freeriders Carson Storch, Reed Boggs, and Adolf Silva will now be riding on Hutchinson tires for the next two years.«Work hard, play hard» could actually be an adequate saying for our brand in 2019. Historically famous for XC, our French brand might be unexpected on the Gravity segment. And yet, the team has now some youngsters on board and is definitely stoked about what’s coming out this year.

Carson Storch

Reed Boggs

Adolf Silva

bigquotes Stoked to be part of the Hutchinson team now. The proximity we have with the brand through the Racing Lab allows me to really have the tires best suited to each of my practices. The team is very attentive. Can’t wait for what’s coming out this year.Carson Storch, Freerider – Best Trick Red Bull Rampage 2016
bigquotes After amazing victories in competition with the French Cécile Ravanel and Isabeau Courdurier, 1st and 2nd of the EWS in the last three seasons, Hutchinson has decided to operate this year a real come back on the gravity stage. The passion and audaciousness shared by our riders and the rest of the team is powerful and uplifting, it’s a perfect fit for Hutchinson’s vision for the years to come. This is Hutchinson’s first real step into the freeride territory and we’re very admirative of those young talents. We couldn’t think of riders more suited to represent the brand. We are insanely excited for the 2019 season and will be working closely with all our freeriders and athletes to prepare you something you won’t regret.Margot Brochard, Athlete Manager at Hutchinson

Hutchinson currently sponsors other mountain bike teams and athletes including Yoann Barelli, Rémy Métailler, Commencal Vallnord Enduro Team with Cécile Ravanel (1st EWS), Intense Mavic Collective with Isabeau Courdurier (2nd EWS) and Kilian Bron, Sunn Enduro with Kevin Miquel and Théo Galy.All of the Hutchinson athletes will ride mainly on the mythic Toros, but not only… Stay tuned.MENTIONS: @hutchinsontires