How Much Do Looks Matter When You’re Purchasing a Bike? - Pinkbike Poll


I was going to ask whether or not looks matter to you when you’re considering a new bike, but that’s an idiotic question. Of course looks matter. It’s the very reason industrial designers exist. It’s why Italy spends 60 percent of its gross domestic product feverishly inventing new ways to make espresso machines look like sexy space ships.
Despite the age-old pearl of wisdom, “Beauty is only skin deep,” I can guarantee you that right now, somewhere on earth, someone is looking at another person’s rear end and deciding that those glutes are the perfect foundation upon which to build a lifetime of happiness. Consider the bevy of modern dating apps based on the very premise that aesthetics are what truly count. To swipe left or to swipe right? The calculus behind that decision rarely boils down to your potential date’s knowledge of astrophysics or their commitment to social justice.
Trek Session
It looks like a....well, you know the score. But does that actually matter at all?

Looks, for better or for worse, matter. I’m not saying they should. I’m just saying they do. Arguing against this is a lot like arguing against the existence of gravity here on earth.

The better question, then, is this: Just how much do looks matter to you when you’re purchasing your next bike?

I spent some time this week reviewing Pinkbike’s pantheon of 2017 bike reviews. In at least half of the comment sections, you could find numerous references to the bike’s looks. Social scientists commonly refer to this as the “Looks like a Session” phenomenon.