Halfway to the Moon on Day 3 - Audi Nines MTB 2018


Day Three at The Audi Nines MTB kicked off bright and early with a sunrise session in the quarry. Now that the riders have had a few days to adjust to the quirks of this unique venue, the highlights are starting to come hard and fast.“Some absolutely huge runs went down on both the slopestyle and freeride lines,” said Sam Reynolds. “Then in the afternoon we had a heavy session on the airbag, where a lot of never-been-dones were landed that we’re hoping to see very soon on dirt.”Notably, Sam Pilgrim has been going absolutely nuts on his e-bike, landing the world’s first electrified front-flip nohander, while Adolf Silva had a close call on the massive second jump in the freeride line, going off the left side of the landing and nearly tumbling off a cliff. Good job on the safety nets, team! Meanwhile, Peter Kaiser poured a few hours’ worth of blood, sweat and tears to finally stomp a flair in the Satellite Dish feature that he helped design.That’s all for now from the quarry— keep checking back for more.

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