FSA Announces 2019 Slayers of Dirt Roster


PRESS RELEASE: Full Speed AheadFull Speed Ahead is proud to announce our 2019 Slayers of Dirt roster. We've made some new additions, continued forward with some long term partnerships and gained some seriously stylish new talent. FSA-USA is based in Mukilteo, Washington, just a few minutes north of Seattle. Our riders are our family and we incorporate their input throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. All FSA-MTB products are developed and designed in house in the heart of the Pacific Northwest riding scene.
Dan Wolfe • Nickname: The Big Bad Wolfe • Frame Sponsor: Polygon • Instagram: @thebigbad_wofle
Andrew Taylor • Nickname: A.T. • Frame Sponsor: Norco • Instagram: @andrewtaylormtb
Conor Macfarlane • Nickname: C-Mac • Instagram: @conor_macfarlane
Alexander Kangas • Nickname: Big Al • Frame Sponsor: Kona • Instagram: @alexanderkangas
Ryan Nyquist • Spirit Animal: Rhino • Frame Sponsor: Haro • Instagram: @ryannyquist
Luca Commetti • Nickname: Red • Frame Sponsor: Commencial • Instagram: @luca_cometti
Cole House • Spirit Animal: Wolf • Frame Sponsor: Cannondale • Instagram: @coleshouse
Rebecca Beaumont • Nickname: MoreReb • Frame Sponsor: Kona • Instagram: @beaumontreb
Glenn King • Spirit Animal: Grizzly • Frame Sponsor: NS • Instagram: @klennging
Josh Gibb • Spirit Animal: Dolphin • Frame Sponsor: Norco • Instagram: @joshgibb77
Seamus Powell • Spirit Animal: Brown Bear • Frame Sponsor: Canyon • Instagram: @seamuspowell
Nikki Whiles • Nickname: Yanto • Frame Sponsor: Marin • Instagram: @nikki_whiles
Olivier Cuvet • Nickname: Oli • Frame Sponsor: Banshee • Instagram: @oliviercuvet
Alex Volokhov • Nickname: Dirty V • Frame Sponsor: Scott • Instagram: @alexvolokhov_
Ray George • Nickname: Veggie Reggie • Frame Sponsor: Hyper • Instagram: @raymondgeorge
Logan Bingelli • Nickname: Biggles • Frame Sponsor: KHS Factory Racing • Instagram: @biggles_mtb
Nik Nesteroff • Nickname: Lil Nik • Frame Sponsor: KHS Factory Racing • Instagram: @nicolasnesteroff
Steve Walton • Nickname: Swalty • Frame Sponsor: KHS Factory Racing • Instagram: @swaltonator
Quinton Spaulding • Nickname: Q-Dog • Frame Sponsor: KHS Factory Racing
Louis Blair • Nickname: Louie • Frame Sponsor: Transistion • Instagram: @louie_blair