FOX Introduces Live Valve Suspension Technology



Introducing Live Valve, our most advanced electronically controlled suspension system for mountain bikes.

LV ScottGenius

FOX Live Valve Equipped Scott Genius

Suspension has revolutionized the world of mountain bikes making them faster, and more capable than anyone would have imagined 25 years ago.
Current suspension offerings provide excellent dampening and travel adjustments that can tailor your bike to the way you ride, though many riders can find it hard to get the most out of their suspension setup. Live Valve takes these systems into the future by addressing the ongoing compromise between suspension compliance and pedal efficiency with ultra-fast reacting sensors and the fastest valve we've ever created to automatically adjust the fork and shock independently as the terrain changes.
Designed from the ground up by our Advanced Products Group, Live Valve senses the terrain you’re on and adjusts accordingly. Like our advanced powersport suspension systems, such as in the Baja proven Ford Raptor and Polaris Razor UTV, Live Valve optimizes the way you interact with your suspension and the terrain you encounter.
The core of the system, the Suspension Controller, monitors terrain at a rate of a thousand times per second and makes compression adjustments in just three milliseconds – that’s one hundred times faster than the blink of an eye. In fact, Live Valve is fast enough to sense a bump at the front wheel and open the fork before the rider feels it. With strategically placed sensors, the Controller processes terrain data and constantly adjusts the suspension for maximum efficiency and control no matter what the trail throws at you.
Utilizing Pitch Detection, the system can recognize when you’re climbing, traversing or descending, and tailor the suspension settings to maximize your bike’s performance. Attack a climb and Live Valve will keep the wheels firmly planted as you put the power down, fine-tuning the suspension to maintain traction and efficiency. Push into a corner and Live Valve will help keep your bike balanced, absorbing braking bumps and undulating terrain while you focus on your exit speed. Live Valve is even smart enough to recognize when you get airborne. As both wheels leave the ground and you begin to free fall, Live Valve adjusts the suspension to provide a comfortable landing. On descents, Live Valve gives the bike a more active ride to better absorb hard impacts and improve performance at higher speeds. Your suspension becomes plusher, providing more comfort and grip.

Available PlatformsXC, Trail and All Mountain are all riding styles where pedaling efficiency is highly relevant, and are the first platforms to receive Live Valve technology. Cutting edge innovation and performance do add cost, and on Live Valve equipped bikes the price increase over FOX factory suspension is similar to the additional cost of electronic shifting compared to mechanical shifting.

Wires and Compatibilty

Our engineers experimented with wireless solutions but the latency in information transmission speed meant delays in communication, affecting ride quality. Utilizing a wired system means Live Valve can communicate faster and more efficiently, preserving battery life and maintaining consistent transmission. With cable jacks located at the fork and rear suspension heads utilizing a 2 conductor design, the system is simple to unplug for fork removal, does not have a specific orientation (so there are no concerns regarding technological literacy), and allows for crash protection with quick disconnect. The current external design for the Controller and Battery assist in frame compatibility across multiple manufacturers. At it’s core, the system still features FOX suspension, with the tuneability and performance you have come to expect. But Live Valve takes setup a step further, allowing you to customize the on-trail feel with adjustable Bump Threshold. Set-it and forget-it, personalized. Available for complete bikes now. Aftermarket kits available in November.

Live Valve by FOX: the future of suspension is here.

Focus on the ride, and let us take care of the rest. Lear more on the FOX Live Valve Microsite.