Eurobike 2018: Final Randoms


The new DBX 5.0 jacket comes with magnets integrated into the hood, and a spare one to stick on your helmet. This means your hood should always stay attached to your helmet and not blow off, or the hood can be folded and connected by three magnets will keep it out of the way.
Leatt have refreshed their whole range of body armor, knee pads, and elbow guards, as well as minor updates to nearly everything else they make. They have 19 different models of knee and elbow pads and 33 options in total with different colorways. Long, short, hardshell, softshell, there will be a pad for you.
Leatt also have made minor updates to all of their helmets and continue to feature their own 'Turbine Technology' which helps with rotational and impact absorption.


The new Scrub 16 pack has an integrated back protector and a padded 'So-Watt' eMTB battery storage pouch as well as all the usual pack details like water bladder compatibility, tool storage, and size adjustment. The 'Farfalle' (named after the pasta shape) shoulder strap connection for extra flexibility and the 'V-String' carrying system should help keep the pack in place, but not be restrictive.

The unisex vest has the zip located on the side, and well-padded rear pockets to prevent your multitool or baguette stabbing you in the ba
The whole range of shoes have also been updated, included their new Pin Tonic sole concept for flat shoes. Ion say they have been working on the whole sole, not just rubber compound to get the best grip, damping, and stiffness from an inner plastic shank and EVA midsole.

SQ Lab

SQ Labs newest 60X saddle has all of their usual features like multiple sizes to match your sit bones, and 'Active Technology' that allows the saddle to rock side-to-side with different compound dampers depending on your weight. For eMTB specificity, the 60X has two steps or levels to stop you sliding backward on steep climbs, and an extra wide nose to perch on when things get really steep.

The super sweepy 30X range of bars come in 12 or 16-degree backsweep, three different rise options and now in a wider 780mm width.

The 70X grips are also new and are designed as a gravity grip, but with some of the ergonomic benefits SQ Lab focus on. The grips are thicker under the outer side of the palm for shock absorption, have diamond knurls for grip, and have extra material at the front to wrap your fingers around

77Designs VHP 160

An interesting project from 77Designs who have been making chain guides and bash guards for a few years, have now gone all in a made a high pivot bike with an idler wheel. It uses a Horst-style link with the brake mounted on the seat stay. The company is really open about how they have developed the bike and you can get the full story here.

661's New Mips Equipped Reset Helmet

661 launched their Reset helmet last year, a €99 budget full face helmet, which is now available with Mips for €150. They are using a new Mips product, as shown by our wonderful model, that has multiple layers of fabric and plastics inside the 'crown' which slide against themselves.

The remnants of my SD card

It's not a mountain bike, but Yess BMX have solved the problem using belt drives on solid frames, Normally a removable dropout is needed to fit the belt through the rear triangle, but using an asymmetric rear triangle the Gates Carbon Drive can be simply be looped over the chainring and rear sprocket.
Shiny gold Formula's Cura 4 brakes = I really want...