Drift Products' $299 Carbon Flat Pedal


For those of you who have spent this week re-calculating just how much the world's most expensive bike build could be, we've got another product to add to the list.
Drift claims that carbon allows for a "concave shape for grip in both the pin layout and the shape of the carbon," something that it believes is not easy to achieve in machined aluminium. As for the rocks, Drift claims that "the pedal is specifically designed with minimal sharp edges to help deflect rock strikes", how this holds up in real world conditions is yet to be seen. We're not sure why Drift didn't fit Ti axle at this price, we can only assume that it is related to the carbon construction. The platform also seems a bit small compared to most high-end flat pedals, which generally stack up above the 100mm x 100mm mark.

The pedals were displayed at the ISPO sports fair in Munich this week along with a new silicone grip, keep an eye out for them coming soon. For more information, click here.What do you think? Could you ever see yourself fitting carbon flat pedals to your bike?