This is UR World- Season 3 Trailer


We are super stoked to announce the return of "This is UR World season 3", our documentary series with 6 episodes this time.Each episode is 26 minutes long, filmed in 4K HRD. We are super happy that our series is getting out of the MTB industry as it will be broadcast on Direct TV in North America and some other TV channels around the world. Before that we wanted to make sure everybody can enjoy the series, so each episode will be available for 72-hours for free online.The first episode, "A World Championship at home" will drop on Friday December 29th, stay tuned for the rest of the schedule!

Episode 1: A World Championship at home

Episode 2: Dream, Ride, Share, A South African Adventure

Episode 3: The Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup Circuit

Episode 4: Kenta Gallagher: A racing passion without boundaries

Episode 5: Whistler, The Mountain Bike Paradise

Episode 6: Sam Reynolds, A Fest Story

Get ready to be inspired!