Day 2 Randoms - Core Bike 2019


A new dawn for Core and for Hope. Which came first, the bike or the reg plate?


UK distributor Silverfish (named after a punk band not the bug) is celebrating its 20th anniversary with this custom Mondraker.
The bike is customised with decals under vinyl

RenthalTwo years in development (the distributors jokingly told us), the Stealth edition is exactly the same as the current carbon Fatbar with one very important difference, it's black. There's only going to be a limited run of 800 bars though, so don't expect them to stick around long.

ODITinker Juarez's signature grip, the Dread Lock, was on display at Core. It's a large diameter grip (34mm) designed for extra padding on longer rides. The grips is made of O.D.I's A.I.R.E, a closed cell foam that will not soak up water while still offering decent damping.


A classic Hans Rey GT Zasker on display at the CSG stand.
It was a good to get a look at the throwback F-Si framest in the flesh as we'd only seen catalogue images so far.


Core was our first chance to see the IXS Trigger helmet in the flesh. It's a step up from the TrailRS helmet and features a double inmould shell, a three position visor with plenty of room for goggles and plenty of ventilation.