Video: COMMENCAL 100% Team Prepare for the 2019 Season


Born last year, the COMMENCAL 100% Team returns in 2019 with new and improved ambitions! A bit of a bold gamble was taken in 2018 with this new team structure but the efforts of staff and riders over the past year have been fruitful. For 2019, this is a really young team with an average age of 19! All 4 members will race the COMMENCAL SUPREME DH 29.

Between them, the COMMENCAL 100% Team was able to achieve three Elite World Cup podiums and going forward, these excellent performances on national and international circuits mean we have high hopes for positive results in 2019. There’s already a healthy foundation to the team with Thomas Estaque and Bruce Klein, who will welcome two new promising riders on-board.

First up is Hugo Frixtalon, aka FRIX-FRIX, who you may have already seen riding a COMMENCAL as a WC privateer in 2018. His style and potential quickly grabbed the attention of the team who didn’t hesitate to snap him up.
Hugo "FrixFrix" FRIXTALON
Antoine Rogge is the other rookie who will ride in the Junior category. Surrounded by his new teammates, we believe he has all the necessary help and support to progress and have a productive season.
Antoine ROGGE

After a full winter of training, the guys gathered in Lousã, Portugal, to take part in their first testing sessions, get their settings dialed and reveal their new colours to the fans!