Coming up: Ask Me Anything with Trauma & Orthopaedic Doctor Henry Turner


Henry Turner is a South African living in Ireland who loves the outdoors, rugby, hiking and mountain biking. He is an active member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland as well as the AO trauma group. His specific interests include Orthopaedic trauma and sports injuries. He competes in a few local enduro races in Ireland and also took part in Round 7 of the EWS 2018 in Ainsa, Spain. He'd like to give something back to the mountain bike community and we figured this would be a good place to start.

What he can answer: Reasonably detailed questions about the limb/ area injured, what exactly happened, what did you do after the injury, where and for how long is it still hurting or affecting your riding/daily activities.

What he cannot answer: Cancer and funny breath questions, opinions about other doctors' management of the injury as I don't know the exact circumstances and I have not examined the patient myself, insurance advice, cost of surgery/treatment.

Disclaimer: The discussion and tips given in this thread should be taken as suggestions only, and under no circumstances should be deemed as formal medical treatment or advice. We recommend that, if unsure, you seek further treatment from a registered medical professional of your choice. An online forum will never be as thorough, detailed and accurate as a real visit to a medical professional.

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