Comic Book Recap From a Bikepacking Adventure in Redfern, British Columbia


Andrew and I had been biking locally in Prince George, BC for a few years and yearned for epic adventure beyond our backdoor trails. We cut our bikepacking teeth at Cronin's Pass in Smithers and then last year we jumped into the deep end with hopes of swimming in the aquamarine water of Redfern Lake and summitting the surrounding rocky ridges in the picturesque Redfern-Kelly Provincial Park of Northern BC. We completed our trip in August 2018; at that time I sat down to write a short summary of the experience. I found that whatever I wrote just didn't feel right. My companion in pain and achievement, Andrew, did successfully write a summary of the experience but it took me until now in February 2019 to get out my version of the story. As a picture is a window into a moment, so are these pages a window into my experience over the four days Andrew and I spent on our bikes seeking and finding adventure in the true North of British Columbia.

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