Chromag Doctahawk - A Super Aggressive 180mm, 29er Hardtail


Just a couple of weeks ago I said that most hardcore hardtails fall around the 140-150mm travel bracket but Chromag has just thrown that rulebook out of the window with its new 180mm travel Doctahawk 29er. This bike was built for people who don't think Chromag's (already pretty radical) 160mm Rootdown went far enough and it's easily one of the most aggressive hardtails being made today. The numbers make this bike sound like a monster truck - 29 inch wheels, a 62° head angle, 77° seat angle and a 501mm reach in size large. This envelope-pushing geometry puts it way beyond most hardtails or even full-suss enduro bikes and is clearly designed for tackling some of the most brutish terrain going. Normally we would worry that a 180mm hardtail would steepen up too much as it blows through its travel to be an use at all. Chromag is aiming to nullify this with the slack initial head angle and the length of the bike. Theoretically a longer bike means the pivot point (the contact patch of the rear tyre) is further away from the fork so the change in head angle should be less severe.Like a lot of Chromag bikes, the Doctahawk is built from Chromoly steel tubing by hand in British Columbia. The bike is the brainchild of Chromag's newest fabricator, Brad Howlett, and it is one hell of a way to make an entrance!
The bike comes in two builds, a GX Eagle level that retails at $4,999 CAD ($4,300 USD) and an Eagle XO1 build for $6,090 CAD ($5,250 USD). If you fancy a frame alone, it will set you back $1,900 CAD ($1,650 USD). For more info, click here.