Video: Checking in on DarkFEST Build Week


Sam, Clemens and Nico have been working hard creating magic at the DarkFEST site just outside Stellenbosch. Two new features are being added to the end of the line, so the focus has been at the bottom of the course this week. The gigantic step up has had an overhaul and is slightly hipped to the right now to lead into a flat drop into the road below and then into a chute down to a big stepped up trick jump.

Between building the guys have been enjoying the flow trail and jumps at Hellsend Dirt Compound, which is conveniently on the same farm and the best way to loosen the body up after sitting in a digger all day.

Some rain has come through and helped tonnes with the building, it has been just enough to keep the dirt sticking together and perfect for compacting and sculpting the lips and landings. The guys made full use of a few showers that came down on Friday and managed to give most of the line a once over and the freshly shaped dirt is looking too good already! Not much longer till testing begins, just some piling needed for the last big trick jump and it's time to get the bikes on it!

Confirmed Riders: Sam ReynoldsClemens KaudelaNico VinkTom van SteenbergenAdolf SilvaBrendan FaircloughEthan NellDJ BrandNicholi RogatkinJordie LunnGraham AgassisMatt MacDuffTom ReynoldsDarryl BrownTheo ErlangsenKurt SorgeMakken