Black Mountain Bikes: Kid's Bikes That Grow With Them


PRESS RELEASE: Black MountainLearning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for every child, but there is a problem, kids grow… quickly!Introducing Black Mountain, a brand new British bike company designing and producing innovative and lightweight bikes for growing children.

Three bikes in one

Central to Black Mountain’s design philosophy is that as kids grow and learn to ride, they go through stages – not just getting bigger, but developing in confidence, pedalling strength and ability. With ‘traditional bikes’ kids often end up on bikes that are either too big or too small for them, which is far from ideal, and parents end up having to buy several bikes in quick succession.Black Mountain’s first two models, the PINTO (approx. age range 3–5 years, replacing both a traditional 12” and a 14” bike) and SKØG (5–8 years, replacing a traditional 14” and 16” bike) address these issues in new and exciting ways. Both bikes can be set up in either Balance, Small Pedal or Large Pedal mode, which means that the bike’s life is extended and that you really do get three bikes in one.

How do we do it?Black Mountain have revolutionised kids bike design. EPOK™ is the name given to the suite of core technologies and innovations that have been developed to address the stages and phases of the growing and learning young rider. One of these technologies is UP:SCALE – Black Mountain’s patented design that dispenses with the traditional diamond bike frame and brings forward the idea of the ‘growing triangle’ – is the heart and soul of the bikes. It is this that allows you to easily transform the bike from balance bike into the two sizes of pedal bike.Add to that Black Mountain’s clean and safe belt drive, honed geometry, and proportionately sized components, and you have all of the elements that go together to produce the ultimate kids’ bikes. No corners have been cut in Black Mountain’s quest to make the world’s most advanced kids’ bikes.

Technology:UP:SCALEOur patented ‘growing triangle’ frame allows you to dial the bike down to fit now, and then grow with your child.IN:GEARThe world’s first ‘growing gear’ system – easy to pedal in small mode then moving up a gear as the bike grows.MY:SIZEShort-reach, easy-pull Tektro® brake levers, skinny handlebars and grips, short cranks and mini pedals are all optimised for kids.GO:LOWOur custom saddle and inverted seat clamp allows the saddle to go extra low for even the smallest rider.BELT DRIVEOur custom belt drive – 600% lighter than a chain, clean, oil-free and zero maintenance, paired with custom short cranks.SAFE BRAKINGCNC rims, extra-long brake arms and KENDA Small Block Eight tyres for safe handling and braking, even in the wet.

Key Features:

• Innovative ‘growing frame’ design• 3 bikes in 1: balance bike and two pedal bike modes• Super lightweight, with a hydroformed monocoque top tube • Proportionally scaled components• Low maintenance switchable speed belt drive system• Cutting edge patented designPhilosophy… lightweight bikes for growing kids.Every aspect of Black Mountain’s EPOK™ range of children’s bikes has been designed and engineered from the ground-up with the young, growing rider in mind. Black Mountain believes in genuine innovation in bicycle design for children, and their first range of lightweight, high performance and highly adjustable growing bikes epitomises this.

Our Bikes

The PINTO rolls on 14” wheels and is the smallest bike in the Black Mountain EPOK™ range, perfect for children aged between 3 and 5 years old.
The SKØG rolls on 16” wheels and is currently the largest bike in the Black Mountain EPOK™ range and is perfect for children aged between 5 and 8 years old. The SKØG really is three bikes in one – replacing a separate balance bike, and two conventional 14” and 16” bikes.