Bike Check: Peter Kaiser's Trek Ticket S


Trek Ticket S Details

Peter doesn't have a ton of custom or unavailable stuff on his bike, but he did throw on his own paint and has it dialed in for landing some pretty heavy hits. The air pressures on his fork and shock are about as high as he can possibly run. He has the shock at 300psi and the fork is at 160psi. He's running volume reducers to make everything ramp up quickly.The gyro is a prototype from Trickstuff that should be available in the next few months. He is running Industry Nine wheels, a pair of lightweight Chaoyang tires, and an SB One chain tensioner. Check out the photos below for a few more details.
Trickstuff brakes and gyro for extra stopping power while still allowing for barspins and tailwhips.

The chain tensioner is accompanied by a bolt that puts friction on a PVC shim that Peter has around the crank spindle. This keeps the crankarms from inadvertently rotating when his feet are off of the pedals in the air, ensuring the landing platform is right where he left it.

Blasting to the moon to win Whip Offs.

Let's be real. There's not a lot of tech on a slopestyle bike however, this paint scheme on the fork is on point. Peter was likely barely walking when the old Rockshox Judy forks were around, but I bet more than a few people can remember the yellow paint from back in the day.

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