Dan Atherton Unveils Prototype 22


When they first launched, Atherton Bikes talked about the possibilities of expanding into enduro bikes or even ebikes, but nobody saw this coming. Dan Atherton unveiled today a 22" titanium BMX with a 120mm disc brake on the rear.
bigquotes Been working with Ted James Designs for over a year on this beauty, anyone that knows Ted James knows how passionate he is about bikes and that passion comes out in the way he builds frames, so here it is, my prototype titanium Atherton Bikes 22” Bmx! Thanks to William Carey Photography for the shots.Dan Atherton

Much like mountain biking, BMX has had its own wheelsize debates through the years. 22" was first tried at the turn of the millennium and was seen as an halfway house between the nimbleness of a standard BMX and the stability of a 24" cruiser. The wheelsize has boomed in popularity in the past few years to the point where big brands such as S&M, Wethepeople and Fit all offer a 22" frame in their collection. Dan's titanium frame should be significantly lighter than a standard chromoly frame and, if we know anything about Dan Atherton, the disc brake is probably there because he intends to take this thing off some serious jumps. There's no official word on whether this will go on sale for the public but it's one hell of a sweet looking bike. Dan isn't the only pro rider going down this route. Remy Morton has also been playing around with disc brakes on BMXs with his own new venture TTR Bikes, check out his 20" chromoly, disc brake frame below.