Aaron Gwin Wins His First Race Aboard the Intense M29


Aaron Gwin has started off his Intense career with a comfortable win at Round 4 of the Southridge winter race series at Fontana.It was Gwin's first public outing on the Intense M29 and he won the overall race by four seconds. The Southridge format uses a combined time of two runs to decide the winner, Gwin was the fastest man in both runs, beating KHS's Steve Walton by 3.5 seconds in his first run and 0.5 seconds in his second. French World Cup racer, Flora Lesoin, won the women's race.The race was run at Fontana and features a rocky, techy top section that runs into the notoriously brutal 'Wall' pedal and then a final flowy section of singletrack. A helmet cam from the course is below:

This result is spookily reminiscent of when Gwin first joined the YT Mob back in 2016. His first race on that team was Round 4 of the Southridge Winter Series, which he won by 0.15 seconds from a KHS rider, Logan Binggelli. He went on to win the first round of the World Cup in Lourdes and his third World Cup title, is this a sign of things to come?
Click the arrows on Gwin's post for some race footage


Full results can be found here.