Whistler Bike Park Manager Brian Finestone Moves On in a Changing of the Guard


PRESS RELEASE: Whistler Bike Park

Words by Brian Finestone, former Whistler Bike Park Manager

End of the Trail

Nothing is forever. Every bike has a lifespan, it may be the best bike you have ever owned but in a few years you outgrow it, wear It out or decide it’s time to move on and try something new. Every ride comes to an end, even epic long rides in perfect conditions with great friends eventually end up back at the truck (or pub). Each season has a beginning, middle and end, where riding can go from muck to dust and back to muck again before being frozen out of the trails for six months. Cycling is a cycle which is what draws us to it. There are no guarantees except it will rarely be the same experience twice. In the world of the Bike Park cycle, winter is the time for reflection, visioning what changes and new trails are to come and planning to make those visions become a reality. This winter in Whistler has had its ups and downs. It was a slow start in November followed by the snowiest December on record, which preceded unprecedented cold and drought. Though the snow pack is not epic by any account, what has fallen has stuck around at all elevations due to the aforementioned cold. Plans are in place to begin road and trail plough work in April with confidence we will get the Park open on time. Spring skiing operations will take place on Whistler this year which always makes for an interesting mix of sporty humans in the lineup and the opportunity to shred bikes and snow on the same day on the same mountain if you are of the crossover athlete variety.
Photo Brian Finestone

Some season involve more snow removal than others.

Much like the life cycle of cycles, my tenure as Bike Park Manager has come to an end. After 12 years of treating you to the best Bike Park on the planet, it is time for me to step aside and pass on the keys to the kingdom to someone new. I have been part of the Bike Park since 2000, first as the Safety Guy for 6 years and then as the Operations Manager for another 12. I raised my son in the Park and used him as an experiment to see how young we could go with kids programs (age 4), which are now the norm. I have witnessed careers and fame happen overnight for some talented athletes and had a hand in the completion of the Garbanzo Zone, Top of the World and Creekside trails. I have survived wheel size revolutions from 26” to 27.5” and on to 29” and have ridden and crashed on virtually every trail in the Park. I am proud of the work I have done and cherish the memories and friendships which have developed along the way. I’m looking forward to seeing trails from a different vantage point, and taking up the many offers of a couch to crash on all over the world. Thank you for coming, thank you for coming back and thank you helping to develop an entire industry, I certainly couldn’t have done it without all of you. I will miss seeing you in the lineup.Stay Rad,B. Finestone

Familiar Faces

With this change comes opportunity for new leadership and new direction. We pleased to announce that Brad White will be taking over as our new Bike Park Manager. Brad’s been with Whistler Blackcomb since 1997, and is currently the Assistant Manager of Grooming. During his summers, Brad worked for the Resort Municipality of Whistler as Trail Builder and played a hands-on role in the completion of a variety of projects in Whistler outside of the park, including the Molly Hogan/Tin Pants trail system, the Flank Trail Network and the well-known new trail Into the Mystic.

2019 Passes on Sale March 28

Passes are expected to be available for sale on March 28th online at whistlerblackcomb.com/bike.

The Early Bird deadline is May 19, so you will have lots of time to lock down the best option for you long before the bonus offers disappear.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

We have something in the works to wake you up from your winter hibernation (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), but we aren't quite ready to spill the beans yet. Keep your eyes on Pinkbike and the WMBP social channels for the latest updates. In the meantime, we suggest re-watching videos on our YouTube channel. It may or may not benefit you in the future.

Opening Day is May 17. #RideNowSleepLater

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