5 Bikes from the Burgtec House Show


With pros, distros, dealers and staff all in one place, there was a glut of nice bikes floating about at the Burgtec House Show. Yes, you've probably seen most of these before but there are a few unique details for eagle-eyes to spot.

Santa Cruz's "Christopher Walken Who?" Chameleon

Fresh out of the karaoke warehouse, this is one of the first of the new Chameleons to touch down in the UK. There was no camouflaging the swoopy copper-coloured frame and blue anodised details on this bike and it drew a lot of attention over the event.

More info here.

Warehouse Will's Evil Insurgent

16-year-old Will Eaton is the Warehouse Manager at Burgtec and his Evil Insurgent was freshly coated in Macclesfield mud.

Burgtec's Santa Cruz V10 29 Show Bike

Burgtec had specced a custom build on this V1029er with all their plushest parts, including the dh bar the Syndicate are currently testing.

Dave Barton's Orange Stage 5 RainbowAn Orange frame covered in anodised Hope bits and mud, is there a more British bike than this?

A game of 'hit the coffee cup' broke out mid-way through shooting.

Josh Lewis' Jib Machine
Loosedog's bike is covered in 50to01 stickers. A new one gets put on for every scratch.

Josh isn't sure what these scratched in numbers mean but we're all sure they're very important

The new Fabric and 50to01 saddle taking shape The boys wanted to design something with loads of padding and no sharp edges.

Bonus: Raleigh Shop Bike