48 Hours in the Chilcotins with Margus Riga - Chasing Trail Ep. 17


A ride with Margus usually starts and ends in similar fashion. The middle portion, however, is always a crapshoot. It always begins with an excited phone call or text, sometimes the night before, sometimes a few days out. The plan will be either super loose when the objective is to maximize fun, or super tight if there is a photo idea in his head. We'll load up into my truck- his “city-guy” Volvo’s ground clearance sure doesn't add up to his backcountry mileage. We'll end up at the trailhead, gear will always be scaled back to its minimum, and he'll usually have at least two lenses and a Nikon body ready to go. Beers will be left in a creek or in a cooler.
The adventure ride is an acquired taste. After some mastery of the technical skills required on a bike, wanting to make the whole experience harder just seems like a natural progression.
Margus Riga likes this acquired taste, and his work is a direct result of this. It seems as though Margus sets out to make every ride harder- bigger climbs, heavier packs, more photos, and always further afar.
It ends with me going home, later than expected. My stuff is wet, shoes especially, my bike is dirty - the food is long gone. Dirty clothes are piled next to the bike, first the shower, then sleep.

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Photos: Margus RigaWords: Kevin Landry

Video: Max Berkowitz