Finals Photo Epic: Southern Discomfort


Once again it would be rain that greeted racers on track throughout the day at Windrock Bike Park, the already saturated ground turning even more into mush by the hour. While conditions were messy for Friday's qualifier, they were downright disastrous for Saturday's final runs. When some of the best racers in the world cross the line after a 3-minute race and say it was one of the toughest they have ever done then you know it was a hard effort. Even intermittent rain through the day was not enough to keep the dirt from getting sticky, and each run was an effort to keep the bike on a fast line and carry speed. One wrong move or mistimed corner and the ruts would suck your speed at best or pull you right off track at worst.Not one of the top five women came down without dirt on hands, arms or legs from a crash, and in the end the battle of attrition would be won by Rachel Pageau. Over 20 seconds back would be last years Windrock winner Caroline Washam, followed by favorite Frida Roenning who came down covered in the most mud of all to take 3rd. Rounding out the podium would be Sarah Olsen and Kera Linn.For the Pro men, it would be Max Morgan who would set the first competitive time of the day and he would sit anxiously in the hot seat for quite a few riders before being knocked off by eventual 3rd place finisher Jacob Dickson. Race promoter Neko Mulally would slot into 4th and yesterday's top qualifier Charlie Harrison would take home 2nd. The top honors belonged to Frenchman Loris Vergier who bested the field by just 0.40 seconds.While youngster Ethan Shandro would easily top the rest of the junior field by nearly 10 seconds he could not repeat his performance from qualifying that saw him take the fastest time of the day. His time would have put him on the podium in the pro men's race so it's safe to say he is riding at a pace that should see him turning more than a few heads on the World Cup stage this season.

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