Video: A Training Program for Building Muscle


As most of you riders know, this is a great time of year to begin your training for your mountain biking season. Going to the gym and indoor cycling training tools are the norm for many of us but without a plan will you be at risk of being the same rider you were last year... and I bet you're the type of rider who doesn't want that!This month, let's talk a bit about hypertrophy or muscle growth. Riding takes a toll on our entire system but especially our muscle system. Because of the repetition and volume of our sport, it is difficult for the body to be able to hold onto enough stored energy so it begins to use muscle for fuel. For example, I typically sit at an off season weight of about 192 lbs., but by October during the last six years of training, riding and racing, I'll average around 186 pounds. Understandingly part of the reason we get weak toward the end of the summer is partially due to this muscle degradation. When you just ride exclusively, you lose muscle, and get weaker. The problem for us mountain bikers is that weakness is a contributor to late season crashes and injuries so take it from a coach who sees this play out constantly and do yourself a favor for 2019... be consistent with your gym work. Let’s get started then. For both programs your working parameters will be:• 2-6 sets depending on your experience • 60-80% of one rep max• 7-10 repetitions (except pull ups and push ups)• 202-303 tempo – example: 2 seconds ‘up’ – 0 seconds ‘pause’ – 2 seconds ‘down’• Rest between sets- 2-3 mins.• Perform the workout 2-3 times per weekDo each exercise back to back without rest, just like the videos show, then rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat for 2-6 sets.Here's an example of a basic training schedule you can use:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: This workout
Wednesday: Distance- 60-90 minutes @ 70-80% max heart rate or ride outside
Thursday: This workout + 20 min spin at less than 70%
Friday: Intervals- 15 minute warm up - 6-10 reps of 1-2 minutes at 80% with double-the-work rest time between efforts- recover 15 mins at low heart rate
Saturday: Either ride or do this workout or participate in your favorite winter activity
Sunday: Same as Sat or if needed, take an extra OFF day

Have fun and be smart... LISTEN to your body.

If you aren't working with any type of training plan, don't worry as over the next few months I will lay out a monthly training workout you can follow and use to make 2019 your best season yet. Each month I'll post a fresh workout you can use to make you better. Here's what you can expect over the next few months:

Jan/Feb – Hypertrophy- muscle growth

Feb/Mar – Strength
Mar/Apr – Power
Apr/May – SpeedKeep an eye for those so you can progress nicely through winter and into spring so during the season you will move better, be stronger and fatigue and injury resistant.

I'm Coach Dee, ambassador for @yeticycles and trainer to thousands worldwide. I'm a 50-year-old enduro racer, and just won my second overall season championship as a Masters racer in the @BigMtnEnduro series. For your off-season training needs, check out my freshly launched (and discounted!) coaching membership at http://www.enduromtbtraining.com

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