Video: Who is Geoff Gulevich


By Francis Cebedo   September 06, 2018 Video

Who is Geoff Gulevich? Many of us know him as the guy with a cool name with death-defying runs at Red Bull Rampage in Utah.

Here is an insight into his life and lifestyle. He’s managed to make it all work in the past 18 years pursuing what makes him feel alive, mountain biking. He travels nine months out of the year reaching the most exotic destinations on the planet, riding rad stuff.

31-year old North Shore native travels to ride 9 months out of the year.

He has several sponsors including Focus Bikes that want to be associated with what he does and what he stands for. It pays the bills but no one is getting rich of it. Every year though is rich in experience.

And here’s a glimpse into some hard saddle days showing it’s not all a cakewalk. For non-racers, extreme risks have to be taken to thrive in this lifestyle.

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