Video: Deer misses cyclist then hit by car


By Francis Cebedo   October 04, 2018 Video

Many fear mountain lions when riding but the real danger is their prey, the deer. Already skittish by nature, their demeanor changes to neurotic during mating season from September through November. This is especially true for young bucks of course. The devastating video above illustrates how a simple ride could have turned fatal and there’s nothing the riders could have done about it.

We posted the video even though it involves road cyclists because this is a very real threat for mountain bikers as well. Mountain bikers often traverse roads to connect trails or to get to the trailhead from home.

Here are a few examples below of deer taking out mountain bikers.

Turns out that besides being a mountain bike racer from Virginia, Jeff is also a fan of Mtbr.com and calls us one of his “everyday sites”! We had the chance to chat with Jeff about his experience, here is what he had to say:

Mtbr: First off, were you okay? No broken bones? Did you finish the race?
Jeff Plassman: I was OK, busted up elbow, and some bruising on leg and shoulder. I have had way worse…
I had to fix my stem (re-align) then I got back on my bike and finished the remaining 47 miles ~3 more hours, yes I finished.

Mtbr: Gnarly, Jeff! Thanks for taking the time to chat and hope the wildlife leave you alone on your next race! We’ll send you a pair of Mtbr socks for sending us your video and chatting with us!

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The Gold Standard This is great footage of course but the gold standard is the Antelope Collision in Africa two years ago. Here it is again in full glory.

Do you have any biker vs deer encounters to share?

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