Video: Cambria Bicycles hit with massive burglary


By Francis Cebedo   February 14, 2019 News

Long-time bicycle retailer, Cambria Bicycles was burglarized on Superbowl weekend with thieves stealing a stunning haul, estimated at fifty bikes. Organized thieves entered a warehouse and took the most expensive bikes in a matter of minutes. There’s little to go on at this point as normal channels for reselling stolen bikes have turned up empty. It seems like a professional theft group is responsible and they have a way reselling the bikes in another area or country.

“We recently suffered a Horrible Theft / Burglary at our Main Location in Paso Robles that really is brazen and indicative of the aggressive bike heists we’ve seen in the past few years of whole fleets of bikes. We need help trying to find the bikes & hope the cycling community can keep an eye out for the thieves. Fortunately no one in our Burglary /theft was injured… however, these organized criminals got away with a ton of merchandise and will probably be trying to off it.. since there is soo much of it that it’s almost too much to hide. If anyone has any information Call the Police or CBO.”

– Cambria Bicycles

CEO, Clay Akey is stunned by this turn of events.

CEO, Clay Akey is hoping someone will come forward with information after his business was hit by what seems to be organized crime where they walked past less expensive bikes and knew what they were looking for. Police say thieves cut a hole in the Paso Robles warehouse made it past security systems and walked away with hundreds of thousands worth in merchandise. They seemed to know that they had 15-20 minutes to execute the crime. Thus they must have had a minimum of three people involved in this theft.

Cambria Bicycles carries a large amount of inventory for its local bike shops and online store.

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