Building and living in a van


By Francis Cebedo   September 12, 2018 Video

Seth’s Bike Hacks captures the van build from start to finish.

Living in a van is one of the great lifestyles and adventures today and it has a certain appeal to the mountain biker. Waking up in a new city every week and riding some of the great trails of the land is a calling many can’t resist.

But how does one walk away from daily responsibilities? What van to buy and how to build it out? How does one make a living? There are so many questions so there is an opportunity to learn from others.

Seth’s Bike Hacks documents the starts of the process.

Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks is an amazing and engaging storyteller and he created some detailed videos of the buildout of his best friend’s van, Alex of The Singletrack Sampler.

Come hear and learn about their journey. They are some of the greatest mountain bike storytellers today living the dream and paving the way for the rest of us mountain bike adventurers.

And finally, Alex of The Singletrack Sampler opens up about his first month living in the van.

It’s great to have a project like a van build to sink your teeth on. And it’s surprising how helpful the bike community is and how each person is willing to help out with their skillset if you let them. Opening yourself up to the help of others is the best way to harness the energy and the compassion of the community.

Follow Alex’s adventures and welcome him to your home town and trails.

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