This is the wildest over-the-bars crash you will see this year - MBR


Oh em effing gee

Over-the-bars doesn’t really this crash justice really. It’s more like a supersonic superman. Impressive stacking from Scandinavia.

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Caption: “My hero, my mentor and the wildest human i know sent it like a champ 😵😵 knocked out for 3-4 minutes and right back on his feet, @blombastic you are somethingelse!! #jerryoftheday #jerryoftheweek #jerryofthemonth #jerryoftheyear”

The above clip was posted on Instagram a few days ago but it’s only just popped up on our radar. It’s well worth a viewing if you’ve not seen it already. It features a couple of Norwegian mountain bikers hurtling along a great looking bit of forest singletrack. They really are hauling at some speed. The guy filming is called Mads André Haugen and the poor superman/stuntman up ahead is called Anders Eimhjellen Blom.

Now then, there is something of a serious side to this incident. The rider was knocked unconscious for around four minutes. And no one in the group were prepared for any sort of injury let alone one as serious as being knocked out cold for several minutes.

The posting duly got called out for such an ‘irresponsible’ approach. So much so that Mads André Haugen felt the need to post again with the following explanation…

Caption: There has been alot of reactions and questions on the clip i posted of @blombastic falling down the cliff. Something i fully understand and thats why i decided to post this clip. Here you get to see a bit more of the situation and how it went down. The first thing we did was calling a ambulance and made sure he was breathing. We were able to keep calm and not panic. Looking back at it i realize we would not have been ready if the consequences was bigger. This aint a joke, this is a real sport with real consequences and I recommend everyone who rides to take a safety course and prepare for situations like these! Things get real serious real fast!! Allot of people ask how i am able to just laugh it. In my opinion thats my only option. If i would let these things get to me i would not be able to do the things i do and people need to understand this is just not a thing we do, this is who we are. I choose to embrace moments like these, i choose learn from them and use them as constant reminder on how lucky we are to be healthy and living the happy lifes we do. #livetoplayanotherday

Be prepared out there! Take a first aid kit. Have a plan for worst case scenario. Learm some basic first aid. Get yourself a first aid app on your smartphone.