Something is brewing at YT... - Dirt


In the Jeffsy campaign, it was very obvious that they were talking about a bike, here that connection is a lot less clear. The campaign focuses on individuals’ stories so will we end up seeing a new Young Talent revealed on the Mob to form a fifth and final story?

We know for a fact that YT were sniffing round a big (and we’re talking huge) rider earlier in the off-season but whether they pulled it off or not we don’t yet know. For a PR campaign this big you can’t help but feel it would have to be a really significant rider though, you wouldn’t waste all that marketing budget on a junior you’re hoping to bring up through the ranks.

Did Whiteley get his man?

Theories are flying round that YT are starting an enduro team too. Again, this is totally possible but if they’re going to pull it off they probably need…

A new bike

The strap line of the campaign is: “You are confined only by the bars you build yourself”. Could this be alluding to a new bike that allows you to ‘overcome your limits’. As much as we love YT’s bikes (and look no further than the 100 for proof) the Capra is definitely due for an update and is currently in danger of being out muscled by the Jeffsy 27.5.

Also missing from the YT range is an e-bike. While YT may not seem like the most likely brand to produce one, the sales figures are undeniable and if any brand can make them cool, YT can. Plus half the people featured in the campaign are over 50…

Check out the website here and let us know your theories.