Sam Reynolds rides 'Enduro' - Dirt


There’s not many enduro rides in the Surrey Hills that include backflips and corked 3s, but then there aren’t many riders like Sam Reynolds.

It’s also a chance to check out the Square One (or as it’s now called for legal reasons Xquare One) in action… and we said it wasn’t playful – shows what we know!

Polygon said: “A lot of ink has been spilt over Enduro to try to describe it. For us, the more we ride, the more we race, the less we actually know what Enduro is. We decided to start this video series to show the different aspects of Enduro and the different points of views of our riders to find out is their definition of Enduro. To start this series, we’ve probably chosen our least Pro Enduro rider, Sam Reynolds (laugh). However, what we’ve discovered is that Sam is probably one of the most keen person about riding his Enduro bike, ok maybe if you take pedaling out! Enjoy Sam’s definition of Enduro!” And in case you missed it… Enduro.