Canyon Sender AL - Dirt


With the Canyon Sender being one of my top picks for a downhill bike (and a stalwart in the 100s) this aluminium version is one to look out for. Especially looking at the success of the aluminium version of the Specialized Demo.

Much like that Demo, the Canyon Sender AL boasts a very similar look to the carbon stable mate but with some subtle differences for example, the addition of the new cable guide running along the down tube, similar to the new Torque and Spectral.  The size chart is the same as the Sender CF with small through to XL sizing and with two build kits available and stealth black or space blue options in both it’s a great start.

This a is a great addition to the fleet and, with so many people having to consider costing when racing, the price starting at €2,499 (£2,200) gives a lot of bang for your buck.