Bliss on the Bike with Spencer Rathkamp - Video | BIKE Magazine


riding bikes is supposed to be fun

Return to riding, in the purest form. Forget racing, forget Strava and return to what always brings us back to two wheels. Fun. Laughter. Bliss. These feelings are what excite us and why each and every one of us enjoys these two-wheeled, human-powered machines.

Spencer Rathkamp is a rider from Southern California who is no stranger to racing and the challenges that come with battling the clock. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, which forced him to take a step back and evaluate what bikes really meant to him. After an eight-month hiatus, he returned to the bike with a new flame. While racing at the top level will always be a dream, Rathkamp has learned to be grateful for the simple joy of just riding bikes.

Photos by Satchel Cronk.

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