Video: Abstract 2 - Alius by Calvin Huth | BIKE Magazine


Calvin Huth is a young Canadian filmmaker; a product of the web-edit generation who has managed to stand out amongst the hordes of camera-wielding mountain bikers with a DSLR and a YouTube channel. See, Huth also has a DSLR and a YouTube channel, BUT, he also isn’t afraid to do things a little differently. He makes imagery that doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of what’s currently cool in the little bubble of bikes, and as any good student of the anti-establishment knows, that’s how you make cool work.

His latest piece, “Abstract 2 – Alius:”, breaks the rules, experiments and pushes boundaries–all while serving up some pretty heavy action on everything from dirt jumpers to downhill bikes. It isn’t just another forgettable web edit, so sit back, relax and experience Huth’s world of No Bad Days.

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