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But they're still pretty speciale

Late in 2017, Time released its first fundamentally new pedal in years, the Speciale 12. The design took advantage of new trends like thinning profiles and adjustable traction spikes, as well as the decades-old trend of fine-tunable spring tension. The jewelry-quality machining and assembly was all done in France, just like the rest of Time’s products. That meant the Speciale 12s came with the jewelry-quality price of $350.

But the constant downward trickle of technology has now brought us the Speciale 8, a slightly simplified and slightly narrower version of the Speciale 12. The Speciale 8 still offers the adjustable traction spikes and adjustable spring tension as the 12. But, it also offers the same relatively thin stack height, which is usually the first to go when brands opt for bulkier spindles and bearings on their lower-priced offerings. And the Speciale 8 is definitely lower-priced. The Speciale 8 can be yours for $125.


  • Weight: 392g / pair
  • Dimensions: Length – 90mm, Width – 64mm, Thickness – 21mm
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Spindle material: Hollow steel
  • Price: $125 (€150)
  • Availability: Late February
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