RAW 100 | Richie Rude Blazing Trail


Cover Image: Dave Trumpore

In the latest RAW 100, Richie Rude goes home to northern New England, then flawlessly floats at mind-numbing speeds down a new trail in his backyard at Burke Mountain. Rude hopes to spark future riding in the area, as well as world-class-racing events one day. RAW 100 once again knocks it out of the park, showing us a fresh side to the most familiar.

A staple on the EWS rosters, two-time Enduro World Series Champion, Richie Rude, has the speed and power to give the rest of the top dogs a serious run for their money.  Known for being an absolute powerhouse, Rude can put hurt to the rest when it comes to physically demanding tracks, albeit with a riding style sometimes akin to a bull charging through a china shop. His sheer strength on a bike his clearly evident in this RAW 100, as is a lesser-realized grace, poise and technical precision that make him one of the top riders in the world.