Race Face Updates Next SL Crankset | BIKE Magazine


Western carbon manufacturing is quite the hot button issue these days. A few brands offer limited runs of specialty frames that were made at their headquarters, thousands of miles from the east-Asian hubs of carbon production. Ibis does its small-sized Ripleys in the US. Alchemy Bikes has its flagship in-house carbon Arktos frames. And Hope used its metal machining chops to help produce molds for its HB160 frame. But aside from Guerrilla Gravity’s new Revved carbon, most of those other options feature prices that are unreasonable for most reasonable riders. Even a set of Utah-made Enve hoops might be a little too Gucci, no matter how big a fan you are of bringing carbon home. But one oft-forgotten homegrown carbon product just got an update. The Race Face Next SL crankset just entered its fifth generation, and it’s made in Vancouver. Believe it or not, it’s priced at $55 less than a comparable SRAM X01 Eagle carbon crankset, which was definitely not made at Sram HQ in Chicago.

The new Next SL crankset doesn’t claim any new ground-breaking design or earth-shifting standards. It’s still built around a 30-millimeter spindle and Race Face’s Cinch chainring interface. There’s now a Shimano 12-speed-specific Cinch-compatible ring option. The arms come in 170- or 175-millimeter lengths and in six different spindle sizes from 134 to 190 millimeters. The new Next SL is still aimed at the XC / trail crowd. It got lighter this year, and now weighs in at 428 grams including a 32-tooth ring. It also got stronger, and still offers a 3-year warranty.