The 2019 Kona Carbon Operator


One frame, two wheel sizes

You’ve seen it under Connor Fearon on the World Cup circuit, and now you can own it. The 2019 Carbon Operator is here, and it’s two bikes in one frame. When designing it, Kona wanted a bike that would work great for pros and privateers alike, allowing them one bike with adjustability to each unique track. You can switch between 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheels on the fly, but it goes far beyond that. The chainstays can move from 425 millimeters all the way to 440 millimeters with either wheel size, and reach can be adjusted 10 millimeters, from 460 to 470 on a size Large. Find out all the tech Kona packed into one frame with the video above and head to Kona’s website for more info.