Ladies AllRide 2019 Registration Opens


Started in 2013 by Lindsey Richter, Ladies AllRide was designed to provide a welcoming, non-competitive and fun environment for women to build their riding skills. Through informative and inspirational skills camps, the AllRide coaches teach women valuable bike handling skills, but they also inspire them to live their best lives using mountain biking as a catalyst for growth and change.

“Our Ladies AllRide coaching philosophy focuses on the technical aspects of riding as well as the relationship between mountain biking and life. We understand how women tend to let their minds run away from them with negative, debilitating thoughts that inhibit growth on a bike and in life,” Lindsey explains. “The goal is to help women understand the mechanics of the sport, while also helping them think thoughts that keep the wheels rolling forward, which applies to the bike and life.”

In addition to improving riding skills, AllRide incorporates basic riding know-how and mechanic skills like setting up and adjusting suspension, fixing flat tires, bike maintenance, and what gear to have out on the trail. Each camp offers demo equipment, like the Liv Intrigue, as well as protective gear in case you don’t have any.

Over the spring and summer, there will be twelve stops for the AllRide tour all over the country from epic trail networks like Sedona, Arizona to quiet but burly bike parks like Big Sky, Montana.

April 20-21 Sedona, Arizona May 18-19 Bentonville, Arkansas June 1-2 Bend, Oregon June 1-2 Girls AllRide – Bend, Oregon June 29-30 Bend, Oregon July 13-14 Big Sky, Montana July 20-21 Grand Targhee, Wyoming Aug 26-27 Brevard, North Carolina (mid-week camp) Aug 29-30 Brevard, North Carolina (mid-week camp) Sept 7-8 Lyndonville, Vermont Sept 10-11 Lyndonville, Vermont (mid-week camp)

Sept 21-22 Bend, Oregon

The twelfth location will be announced sometime next month.

Registration is now open for the 2019 tour dates. Head to ladiesallride.com to learn more about the program and to register.