Evil Introduces The Black Collars | BIKE Magazine


Evil Bikes announced its new team on Friday, the Black Collars, whose priority will be riding and pushing the progression of the sport over contest results. The team consists of Graham Agassiz, who joined Evil late last year after 12 years riding for Kona, Kyle Norbraten, Paul Genovese, Mike Giese, Bubba Warren and Soren Farenholtz.

In announcing the team, Evil said:

“Rather than follow some numbers-based format: (Wins x Followers x Sponsorship) / Profit, we're introducing the Evil Black Collars—pros that love riding, pushing it just as hard—or harder, and aren’t forgetting about the good times either. These guys aren’t just clocking in on the regular 9-5 grind, when the work day is done it’s all about putting in the overtime and chasing the shred. These are hardworking riders, making it happen in order to keep pushing for perfection on and off the bike. Norbs is an electrician, Bubba works at a motocross precision metal fab shop, Paul is a full-time digger, and Mike works as a product designer for Trust Performance; they have day jobs. Soren gets a hall pass—he's young enough to aspire to a driver's license—and it's easy to think Aggy may gallivant to contests, but he's got more than a full-time job with us managing content, working on product development, dealer outreach, customer service, and bringing Evil to new markets (Check out the April issue of the magazine, on newsstands March 1, for an interview with Aggy about his new role with Evil).

So what does this mean—real riders, real work—it means they'll also be here, working for us, and for you. Norbs may be an electrician during the day, but he's also taking care of people on Evil's customer service channels. Have a question? Ask—Insta, Facebook, phone, e-mail, whatever format—you just might be talking with one of the Black Collars, and you better believe they'll give you an honest response. Was Aggy wary of hitting 90+ foot gaps at Dark Fest on a bike with 150mm rather than 200? Of course he was, and he mentioned it too. But, he was also surprised by the Insurgent LB's capability, and he mentioned that too.”

Each rider is on a different Evil bike. Aggy is on a Following MB and Insurgent LB Park. Paul rides a Calling and Insurgent LB Park. Bubba and Norbs are riding an Offering and Wreckoning LB Park, while Giese is on a Wreckoning LB.