Enve Partners With Industry Nine For Reduced M Series Wheelset Cost


Do you like American-made bits on your bike? What about American-made carbon hoops laced to shiny, anodized hubs with 690 points of engagement? If you answered ‘yes’ to either question, you’re in luck. Enve Composites has partnered with Industry Nine to create a wicked wheelset with Enve’s M Series rims laced to the brand new I9 Hydra hubs announced earlier this week.

Both the Enve rims and I9 hubs are manufactured state-side, and party due to eliminating costs associated with importing hubs, Enve has been able to lower to price of the M Series/Hydra wheelset to $2550 from the usual $2980 price tag. While that’s still not exactly cheap, it is cheaper, and customers will be getting one heck of a wheelset.

The M Series paired with the I9 Hydra hub sets will begin shipping this week. Learn more at enve.com and industrynine.com.