Chasing Trail: Farwell Canyon | BIKE Magazine


Alex Volokhov surfs B.C. steeps

Filmer Calvin Huth, photographer Steve Shannon and Alex Volokhov roadtrip to KM1919 to explore the vast Farwell Canyon zone in the wild west of the Cariboo Chilcotin. The zone was pioneered by early '90s freeriders and still holds the same allure today for its open, other-worldly terrai, but the conditions have to be perfect: If it’s been too sunny and dry, the ground firms up and slowing down is treacherous, but even small amounts of precipitation causes tires to gunk up and stop rolling. Volokhov scored two full days of perfection aboard his Scott Ransom Tuned before the rain rolled in hard and cut the trip short. The crew pointed the truck west to the Sunshine Coast and the Coast Gravity Park, where Volokhov finished the trip on the Park’s perfectly sculpted jumps and massive wave-like berms.

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